Amazing Iceland

A 5 day super jeep self drive tour that is truly one of a kind. This tour is the ultimate highland experience as you drive your own super jeep and spend the nights in mountain cabins, giving you a unique connection to Icelandic nature. Discover Iceland in a unique in a super truck that makes it possible to discover areas where no normal 4×4 jeep or bus can access. Small group experience.

Þingvellir – Geysir – Gullfoss – Langjökull glacier – Hvítárvatn – Kerlingarfjöll – Hveravellir – Þjórsárver – Gljúfurleit – Þjórsá – Háifoss – Hrauneyjar – Landmannalaugar – Ljótipollur – Eldgjá – Ófærufoss – Hólaskjól – Skaftafell – Skælingar – Langisjór – Sveinstindur – Blautulón – Gjátindur – Hálsnefscave – Skógafoss – Þórsmörk – Gígjökull – Seljalandsfoss – Gljúfrabúi

Day 1 – Þingvellir – Geysir – Gullfoss – Langjökull glacier – Hvítátvatn glacial lake – Kerlingafjöll – Hveravellir 

This fantastic self-drive super jeep tour starts by visiting Þingvellir, a National park and site of the world’s oldest parliament. passing the serene lake Laugarvatn and onward to the hot spring area of the spouting geysers, where the active Strokkur reaches the incredible height of 20 meters. From Geysir we drive to the majestic Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most beautiful and without a doubt it’s most famous waterfall. From there we make our way to Kerlingarfjöll mountains area which can be described as a cluster of rugged mountains with steep hills and sharp lines, that due to their age have not been affected by the eroding forces of nature.Rhyolite and obsidian are types of rocks that characterize the appearance of some of the mountains, making the area extremely colourful and heaven for those who wish to hike or spend their time in landscape not frequently seen elsewhere. After an active day hiking and exploring we make our way back to Hveravellir and soak in the hot spring, perfect for relaxing after a long day. We spend the night in a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, the perfect location for catching the northern lights.

Day 2 – Kerlingarfjöll – rhyolite mountains – boiling and bubbling mud pots – Þjórsárver – Gljúfurleit – Þjórsá – Háifoss – Hrauneyjar

Today we drive to Kerlingarfjöll mountains for an active exploration and some hiking. The area can be described as a cluster of rugged mountains with steep hills and sharp lines that due to their age have not been affected by the eroding forces of nature. Within the mountain cluster there are geothermal areas that are amongst the largest in Iceland. Rhyolite and obsidian are types of rocks that characterize the appearance the appearance of some of the mountains, making the area extremely colorful. From Kerlingarfjöll the tour continues through a very remote area, crossing glacier rivers and the largest wetland area in Iceland (Þjórsárver) before reaching our night destination we explore Háifoss waterfall. At 122 meters, it is the second highest waterfall of the Iceland. We spend the night in Hrauneyjar, which is surrounded by the unique, volcanic landscape of Iceland’s southern highlands.

Day 3 – Landmannalaugar – bathe in the hot springs – 1,5-2 hour hike – Ljótipollur – view of Mt. Hekla – Eldgjá – Ófærufoss – Hólaskjól

We make our way through the Fjallabak nature reserve, an area sculpted by volcanoes and geothermal activity, covered by sand, lava fields, lakes and rivers. We explore the volcanic crater, Ljótipollur that is a stunning sight with red hills and deep blue water. Lake Frostastaðavatn is on of the highlights. Then we continue our journey, driving some challenging tracks passing mountains and lava fields towards Landmannalaugar where we do a 2 hour hike and soak in the natural hot pool there. After the bath we continue to Eldgjá, splashing through rivers and rough tracks in the super truck. Eldgjá is one of the largest volcanic canyon in the world and erupted in the year 934. There is a waterfall named Ófærufoss within the canyon where a natural bridge across the waterfall used to be. It vanished in 1993 due to excess water from melting ice. Stay the night in Hólaskjól mountain cabin.

Day 4 – Skaftafell – Eldgjá – Skælingar – Langisjór – Sveinstindur – black desert – Blautulón – Gjátindur

Today we continue towards Langisjór which is a large lake southwest of Vatnajökull glacier. It is 27 square kilometers, 20 km long and 2 km wide where it is widest. To the south the mountain Sveinstindur rises 1092 meters above sea level, which is a part of a long mountain ridge almost towards the glacier. It is relatively easy to walk up, so most people are able to get to the top with an increase of 400 meters. The view from the top is unique, it is said that if the weather is good you can see over a quarter of Iceland. From Sveinstindur we take the old road via Blautulón where the only road is through the crater lake towards Skælingar, which is a place near glacial river Skaftá where some peculiar lava formations are found. They were probably formed by draining of a pool of molten lava. Then the tour continues to the south coast where we stay the night.

Day 5 – Hálsnefscave – Skógafoss – black beaches – Þórsmörk – Gígjökull – Seljalandsfoss – Gljúfrabúi – river crossing

You start this last day by driving towards the south; this area is surrounded by glaciers, volcanoes and lava fields. Here you have the waterfall Seljalandsfoss where you can walk behind the cascade. The impressive Skógafoss waterfall is certainly worth a photo or two. you will visit the black beaches of Reynisfjara where you have a beautiful lava cave that has been carved by the ocean for centuries. Driving a super truck on the black volcano beaches is great fun with deflated tires floating on the sand dunes; this drive really challenges you as a driver. And not to spoil it, you have amazing view with the Atlantic Ocean beating on the shore on one side and glacier volcanoes on the other side. Return back to Reykjavík in the late afternoon after this amazing adventure.

Accommodation in Reykjavík not included.

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– Super jeep self drive tour w/ accommodation in cabin –

Price per person

1 person    –   569.000 ISK

2 persons   –   324.000 ISK

3 persons   –   242.000 ISK

4 persons   –   201.500 ISK

5 persons   –   177.000 ISK

Please note that the price depends on how many are booking together
Minimum 2 persons per tour
      Maximum 16 persons per tour


3x Dinner

2x Lunch

4x Breakfast

2 nights hotel w/shared bath

2 nights cabin


Not Included:

1x Dinner  

2x lunch