Lunar Landscape

Kleifarvatn – Thousand Lake route – Blue Lagoon

This six-hour action-packed tour is an introduction to Iceland´s extraordinary volcanic geothermal power in the lunar landscape of the Reykjanes area. The tour begins in the Hellisheiði geothermal area and the still-active Hengill volcano which supplies much of the energy for the south of the country. Hengill last erupted over 2000 years ago and the resultant lava field covers over 100 square kilometres. The landscape is surreal, with plumes of scalding steam issuing from vents and fumeroles.

We then follow the winding road which has the fanciful name of the Thousand Lakes route, where the travellers gets a thousand glimpses of the same few lakes. Our drivers make the most of this part of the tour because it offers a lot of opportunities for exciting off-road driving and splashing through the rushing meltwater rivers.

Then through real lunar landscape on the route to Kleifarvatn lake. Iceland is geology´s youngest country, formed by molten lava breaking through the Earth’s crust where the European and American tectonic plates are drifting apart, which can be seen at Kleifarvatn and is evidence why Reykjanes is so volcanic.

Our final stop is at Iceland´s famous Blue Lagoon for a revitalising swim in the heated waters under the open sky, where you can literally soak in Iceland´s geothermal energy. Expect panoramic views and spectacular sites.

Please bring warm clothes, a camera and some snacks for the ride. The driver will be stopping at service stations should you wish to purchase something there.

All year

– 1 person minimum –


Private tour  1-4 persons

89.700.- ISK

Private tour 5-6 persons

113.100.- ISK

*Blue Lagoon entrance fee not included

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