8 day Expedition

Highland expedition and hiking with accommodation in cabin, tent or hotel








Super truck tour to the interior of Iceland.
Accommodations is mixed with cabins, hotels and tents in order to be able to explore and get better connection to the unique nature of Iceland.

Discover Iceland in a unique in a super truck that makes it possible to discover areas where no normal 4×4 truck or bus can access.

Hveravellir – Kerlingafjöll – Kjölur
Akureyri – Goðafoss – Húsavík
Mývatn – Dettifoss – Herðubreiðarlindir
Drekagil – Askja – Holuhraun
Egilsstaðir – Kverkfjöll – Kárahnjúkar
Hengifoss – Jökulsárlón – Fjallsárlón
Skaftafell – Eldgjá – Landmannalaugar 
Langisjór – Hólaskjól – Blautulón
Gjáin – Hjálparfoss


The tour starts by visiting Þingvellir, a National park and site of the world’s oldest parliament. Onwards on to the hot spring area of the spouting geysers, where the active Strokkur reaches the incredible height of 20 meters.

From Geysir we drive to the majestic Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. Gullfoss is one of Iceland’s most beautiful and without a doubt it’s most famous waterfall.

From there we make our way to Kerlingarfjöll mountains area which can be described as a cluster of rugged mountains with steep hills and sharp lines, that due to their age have not been affected by the eroding forces of nature.

After an active day hiking and exploring we make our way to Hveravellir and soak in the hot spring, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Accommodation: Cabin at Hveravellir or Kerlingarfjöll

On this day we cross the highland toward the North-East, driving Kjölur mountain road to the North.

The scenery is amazing with beautiful glaciers and mountains. On one side there is Langjökull glacier and on the other Hofsjökull glacier.

We make a stop in Akureyri, capital of the north where you can enjoy some free time and sightseeing before the tour continues.

The church steps in Akureyri are always a fun walk and when you reach the top you can enjoy the view over Akureyri.

After a one hour drive we stop by the waterfall Goðafoss, one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls before arriving at your hotel/hostel located close to Húsavík in the afternoon..

At Húsavík you have the option of joining a whale watching tour in the evening or a walk around this fishing village.

*Whale watching tour not included.

Accommodation: Hotel/hostel

We start our day exploring the lake Mývatn area. It is one of the most interesting geological, geographical and ornithological areas of the Northern hemisphere.

Recent and old volcanic activity shaped the landscapes and the forces of nature are still at work.

Among the interesting sights are a sulfur area with boiling and bubbling mud pots and the pseudo crater group at Skútustaðir.

Our next stop is at Dettifoss, which is the most powerful waterfall in Europe, falling 45 meters with a width of 100 meters.

From there we continue to Herðubreiðarlindir where we stay overnight.

Herðubreiðarlindir is an oasis at the foot of the majestic table mountain Herðubreið (1682 m). Directly above rises mt. Herðubreið, considered by many the most beautiful and majestic mountain in Iceland.

Accommodation: Cabin

This day starts with a drive to Askja which is the second deepest (200m) lake in Iceland, formed in powerful eruption 1875.

Close to Askja is Víti which is a warm lake in a crater which was formed at the end of the eruption in 1875.

The temperature of the water is variable, depending on how much melt water is discharged into it in springtime – it is around 30°on average.

The depth of the water is greatest at the center, more than 8 meters and it‘s a popular bathing site.

Driving in this barren interior of Iceland, landscape where NASA trained Apollo astronauts and where the Icelandic outlaws lived in the middle ages is something you won’t soon forget.

Not to mention the number of trolls, ghosts and other creatures in this highland expedition we explore the newly formed lava from bathe in a newly thermal river that flows from the lava fields.

Accommodation: Cabin

On our way to Egilstaðir we drive to Hvannalindir and Kverkfjöll.

The Hvannalindir area is a vegetated oasis, 640 meters above sea level and the mountain range Kverkfjöll is situated on the North-Eastern border of Vatnajökull glacier.

Kverkfjöll are found between Vatnajökull and Dyngjufjöll mountains which are still active volcanoes.

We stop at the Kárahnjúkar hydro-power plant, the biggest one in Iceland. Closer to Egilsstaðir we will explore Hengifoss waterfall which is 128 meters high. It is surrounded by basaltic strata with thin, red layers of clay between the basaltic layers.

Egilsstaðir has grown to become the largest town of East Iceland and its main service, transportation and administration center.

Enjoy a free evening and choose your own restaurant.

Accommodation: Hotel

This route is very scenery with big mountains and deep fjords carved out by glaciers.

We make our way to Jökulsárlón and Fjallsárlón where we will enjoy the beautiful glacier lagoons.

The main lagoon measures around 7 square miles (20 square km) and until 1932 was covered in thick glacial ice.

*Optional seasonal boat trip on Fjallsárlón is not included.

From there we drive to Svínafellsjökull glacier where we do an easy glacier hike.

All safety gear for the glacier hike is included.

Accommodation: Hotel /cottage / hostel near Svínafell

Day 7 starts with a drive to Eldgjá, splashing through rivers and rough tracks in the super truck.

Eldgjá is one of the largest volcanic canyon in the world and erupted in the year 934.

There is a waterfall named Ófærufoss within the canyon where a natural bridge across the waterfall used to be.

It vanished in 1993 due to excess water from melting ice. We continue towards Langisjór which is a large lake Southwest of Vatnajökull glacier.

In the South the mountain Sveinstindur rises 1092 meters above sea level and is a part of a long mountain ridge.

It is relatively easy to walk up, so most people are able to get to the top at an increase of 400 meters. The view from the top is unique and it is said that if the weather is good you can see over a quarter of Iceland.

Accommodation: Cabin in either Hólaskjól or Landmannalaugar

Our final day starts either at Hólaskjól or Landmannalaugar, depending on where we spend the night.

We make our way through Fjallabak nature reserve, an area sculpted by volcanoes and geothermal activity, covered by sands, lava fields, lakes and rivers. In Landmannalaugar we do a 1,5-2 hour hike and soak in the hot spring before exploring the impressive volcanic craters and Lake Frostastaðavatn, one of the highlights of today.

Then it’s onward to lake Ljótipollur that literally translates as Ugly-Pond.

Despite its name the crater is a stunning sight with red hills and deep blue water.

Then we continue our journey driving some challenging tracks passing mountains and lava fields through Þjórsárdalur valley and Gjáin valley stopping at Hjálparfoss, one of Iceland’s loveliest waterfalls before arriving at your hotel in Reykjavík in the late afternoon.

Accommodation: Hotel in Reykjavík

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Included in the Tour:
5x Dinner

8x Lunch
7x Breakfast
2 nights hotel in Reykjavík w/breakfast
2 nights cabin/hostel/cottage
Super truck with driver guide – 8 days
Sleeping bag
Glacier hike

NOT Included in the Tour:
3x Dinner on day 3, 5 & 8

Enjoy free time and choose your restaurant
Boat ride on the lagoon
Whale watching
Airport transfer
Fly bus or taxi to hotel on arrival day 
Toilet fee, Food & Tips

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