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Femke Stoer
Echt een super toffe ervaring! Oscar thor vertelde ook wat Over de gletsjers en paste zich aan de snelheid. Dus de mensen die sneller wouden deed die op sommige delen het gas erop. Maar als je wat langzamer wou kon dat ook want er reed altijd iemand achter de groep (dus waren met 2 gidsen) Wij hebben de sneeuwscooter in de zomer gedaan en dat was ook al vet . Reed met een 4x4 bus erheen. En wordt daarna ook weer weggebracht met de auto naar je locatie
Claire Douglas
Would recommend entirely, great amount of time on the glacier, tour guides were funny and group moved at a good pace throughout
Beth Miller Walsh
We did the snowmobile tour and it was one of the highlights of our trip! Absolutely loved it. We got lucky with a beautiful day. You can go as fast a you want, it was a thrilling ride. The guides were amazing. Loved every minute.
Carol McKenzie
I chickened out of driving a snowmobile alone, and “Nina” with Amazing Tours was kind enough to take me on a personal tour of the glacier. So accommodating. Look at what she wears under her warm suit!! Thank you Nina. Absolutely awesome.
Benjamin Sweett
We had a good time on the snowmobile tour. The booking experience was kind of annoying since we booked through a different website that did not make it clear that they were not the tour operator. So all the reviews and research we did were for a different tour company.Either way amazing tours was on the ticket and we drove our own way to the base camp. Staff were friendly and helpful getting us geared up. Once we got going in the super jeep it quickly broke down on the F road and it took them almost an hour to get it moving again. I think they need to get newer or bigger off roading vehicles since the other tour company on the same glacier was driving massive buses instead of modified Mercedes vans.After getting moving again we made it to the glacier and had a fun hour snowmobiling. They were tough to handle in the wind and on the ice but they were full speed and we were given a lot of freedom as long as we followed the guide up front. We were a small group (6 people) but we saw a larger group of almost 12 people on the way back that seemed more limited by their group size.We had a short stop on the glacier to take some photos and the guide shared some facts however they were hard to hear. Some headsets for the group would be a nice touch since the guides all have radios to communicate.After the snowmobiling was finished and we board the super jeep we got stuck on the F road again due to the snow. The driver managed to get it moving again but it was another 5 minute delay on top of the hour on the way there. The guide did bring us to the waterfall on the way back which was a nice addition.Overall a cool experience but not as good as the ice cave tour we did earlier in our trip. They had bigger vehicles that didn’t break down or get stuck, more knowledgeable guides, and the tour was cheaper for the same amount of time.
Pascale GOMEZ
Bonne organisation
Karen Greyling
We booked the snowmobile glacier tour, and what an experience. The driver that took us to the basecamp was exceptionally skilled with driving through all that snow and we arrived safely. The entire experience from the booking, email communication and instructors was exceptional. One of the best experiences of our lives.
Chris Thomason
This is truly one of the best experiences I have every had on a vacation. I booked a snowmobile ride from Skjol Campground. We drove from Reykjavik to the Skjol campground and took a lifted Mercedes van to the meeting location near a Glacier. The guides were very friendly and fun to chat with. Could not have asked for better weather and experience. Props to this company!! this is a must-do.
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Jay H
Buggy Tour- recommend My wife and I did the buggy tour. The Can Am was easy to drive and the snowsuit supplied kept us warm. Scenery was gorgeous. Our guide, Margret, was sweet, funny, and a great communicator.
Campbell F
Buggy ride into the golden circle! Amazing views and one of a kind experience! Erla had so much great knowledge about Iceland and she was the happiest/nicest person we have met in Iceland! Equipment was all provided for an extremely comfortable day and was in excellent condition.
Great snowmobile adventure Our guide and driver, Kate was funny, knowledgeable and friendly. We were picked up in a REALLY big Mercedes Super Jeep. And, I mean BIG! The drive from Reykjavík was beautiful and Kate was great about pointing out geological areas of interest. The entire trip from our hotel pickup to the return to our door was well organized. The sights along the way were stunningly beautiful. The snowmobiling on the glacier was AMAZING and sometimes, thrilling. If you are able, do it!! Of course, it was also a beautiful October day.
Amazing Tours is well named We booked a snow mobiling tour through Get Your Guide with Amazing Tours and it really was. We were provided with warm suits, gloves, balaclava and helmets and being expertly driven up to the glacier in the four wheel drive vehicle was great fun in itself. The snowmobiling was a really great experience and we stopped for a while and our guide gave us plenty of information on the glacier. Unfortunately it was over too quickly and you just felt you were getting the hang of the snowmobile and could have spent more time on it.
Snowmobiling and then some.. Summed up - awesome. We were picked up in a cool Mercedes super jeep. Safely shuttled around by Kate. Kate was awesome - funny and informative. The snowmobiling experience was awesome. Beautiful. The rest of the tour was equally as impressive - Mother Nature was at her best today. Thanks Kate and Amazing Tours for a great day and memories!
Gavin S
Wonderful experience, great guide, very much recommend and would do again. I’m not exactly sure if have the right tour we did two days with Amazing Toures and they were absolutely brilliant, worth every penny. Over the two days we saw the Golden Circle, went up on two glaciers, once to visit and ice cave, after driving to the top, and once to go snowboarding. We drove through the west, going well off the beaten track, doing a touch of off-roading visiting geothermal sights, leave waterfalls and beautiful fjords. At all time we were made comfortable and felt safe. This is a top tour company but really hats off to our wonderful guide Bjart (apologies if misspelled). A font of knowledge, a skilled driver, happy to chat or leave us in peace, he really as great.
Incredible private tour with Bart Incredible private tour with Bart. He took care of us right from hotel lobby through to the very top of the glacier. As well as being a very funny and educational guide, he did everything from guiding us on snowmobiles, finding the best places to eat and making sure we made the best memories. We’ll be coming back and making sure we ask for him again!
Tiana D
Snowmobiling=epic What a great tour! We had Bjart as our guide and he was fantastic. He was informational but still gave us plenty of time to explore on our own. Was very easy to talk to and helped answer all our questions to prepare us for snowmobiling. That was the best part and got to ride on a fresh coat of snow. Would definitely recommend Amazing tours and specifically Bjart!
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