Best Way to Experience Geysir Iceland

The Best Way to Experience Geysir Iceland

Geysir is one of the most visited locations in the Icelandic countryside. That’s partly because it’s so easy to reach – whether from Reykjavik or the Ring Road – and partly because it’s a key stop on the must-see Golden Circle route, together with Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfall. But what’s the best way to experience Geysir? Let’s look at a few options, including two great activities from Amazing Tours.

Option 1: As part of a Golden Circle tour

You can do a Golden Circle coach or minibus trip from Reykjavik in as little as half a day, though day tours are more worthwhile. If you don’t have much time, they’re a solid option, but there’s such a lot to see on the Golden Circle that your visit is going to feel rushed. If all you want to do is watch Strokkur erupt a couple of times and snap a few pictures, then that’s all well and good, but some visitors will feel short-changed if they’re clock-watching the whole time.

Option 2: On a self-drive

Renting a car gives you the opportunity to see and do as much or as little as you like. The big advantage of this option is that you’ll have the flexibility to decide your schedule once you get there. If the geyser field fascinates you, stay longer. If it doesn’t, stroll back to your car and hit the road for something else that will. Having the keys to your own hire car means that you won’t feel the same pressure of time that you most likely will on an organized tour.

Option 3: On an active tour

Actively engaging with a place is so much more rewarding than mere sightseeing. Think back to the trips you’ve taken in the past. How many places can you really remember in vivid detail if all you did was passively look at them? Now think about some of the experiences and activities you did on other holidays. Most likely, you’ll remember what you felt, smelt, heard, and saw because all your senses were utilized to a greater extent.

If that’s convinced you, you’ll be interested to learn that Amazing Tours offers two options for active tours based in and close to Geysir:

Mountain bike tour

A fun mountain bike ride within Iceland’s famous Golden Circle is a great way to cover more ground than you could on foot. Get used to your new set of wheels as you gently pedal to Geysir and view the smoky scene and dramatic moments as Strokkur burst into life. 

Follow a marked trail beside the Tungufljót River and let the e-bikes do the hard work as you push uphill to enjoy the view of Langjökull Glacier and Skjaldbreið Volcano. Return via the verdant Haukadalsskógur forest, an example of how reforestation is returning the Icelandic landscape to what it might have looked like a millennium ago.

Buggy tour

Bounce your way around the Golden Circle on Amazing Tours’ fun and thrilling Geysir Buggy Adventure. You’ll begin by traversing the Haukadalur Valley, the geothermal area known for geysers such as Strokkur. Driving over bumpy terrain, often getting covered in dust or mud, you’ll head up into the Icelandic highlands. 

Park up to admire the view of Langjökull Glacier and Skjaldbreið Volcano before rounding off your off-the-beaten-track adventure as you head back to base camp. With river crossings to conquer and extraordinary scenery as a backdrop, this exciting ride will leave you with a big grin on your face.Of course, there’s no reason you have to choose. What’s stopping you from booking up for both of these options from Amazing Tours? They’re very different experiences, so why not treat yourself to both? The Icelandic landscape is certainly impressive enough to warrant a second look.