Snowmobile Reykjavík: Explore an Icelandic Glacier

Iceland is known for its breathtaking scenery. From volcanoes to geysers, our country is filled with intriguing geology and beautiful landscapes. One of the best ways to explore Iceland is by booking an adventure tour. Snowmobiling on an icy glacier is a great choice. Enjoy an adrenaline fueled drive under the guidance of an expert guide. Keep reading to learn more about snowmobile tours near Reykjavík.

Why should I go snowmobiling in Iceland?

Snowmobiling is an amazing way to experience the majestic Icelandic landscape. Almost all snowmobiling tours in Iceland take place on glaciers. These mighty structures form over long periods of time–sometimes thousands of years. Over time, snow accumulates and is compressed into a thick ice sheet. Nowadays, scientists can drill down to remove ice from the glacier’s core. This helps us to be able to actually study and date glacial formation.

Besides catching epic views, snowmobiling is just plain fun. It is easy to drive a snowmobile–after a short briefing, you will be an expert in no time. Zoom across the glacier’s ancient ice and experience the thrill that comes with driving one of these vehicles. There is truly nothing like driving a snowmobile across an Icelandic glacier.

What can I expect on my snowmobiling tour in Iceland?

Before jumping on your snowmobile, you will first ride in a super jeep to the glacier’s summit. Enjoy excellent views as you ascend to the top of the glacier. From there, you will suit up in a heavy duty insulated suit. You will also borrow mittens and a helmet to ensure your safety and comfort on the tour.

At this point, your expert guide will give a short safety briefing about driving a snowmobile. Please be aware that you will need a valid driver’s license in order to drive the snowmobile. However, if you have such a license it will be no problem to operate the vehicle.

How do you drive a snowmobile?

A snowmobile is a special all-terrain vehicle that can be driven across the snow. Instead of wheels, snowmobiles have rubber tracks that can easily glide across snow and ice. Typically, the snowmobile’s controls are on the handlebars. The throttle on the right handlebar is used to control the speed. To increase the speed, you squeeze on the throttle. To decrease your speed, release the throttle.

On your left handlebar, you will likely find the brake lever. To apply the brakes, simply press on this lever. To steer your snowmobile, you can use your handlebars. It is important to start driving slowly and get a feel for the vehicle before you increase your speed. Always keep a safe distance from other drivers and be careful when you are making turns.

Don’t feel like driving? Typically, you can book either a solo or double snowmobile ride. This means it’s possible to ride as a passenger and simply enjoy the experience.

Is it safe to snowmobile in Iceland?

Yes, it is very safe to snowmobile in Iceland. You will be provided with safety equipment such as a helmet, jumpsuit, gloves and safety goggles. Prior to your snowmobiling tour, you will also receive a safety briefing from your guide. She or he will explain how to drive the snowmobile and give tips about operating these vehicles.

What’s more, experienced guides will be with you during the entire snowmobiling journey. These guides will set the pace and ensure that everyone drives in a reasonable manner. As long as you follow your guide’s instructions and drive carefully, you can be sure to experience a safe and fun snowmobiling tour.

How old do you have to be to drive a snowmobile in Iceland?

In order to drive a snowmobile in Iceland, you have to be 17 years old with a valid driver’s license.

How old do you have to be to ride a snowmobile as a passenger?

In Iceland, you must be at least 8 years old to ride a snowmobile as a passenger.

Can you go snowmobiling in Iceland year round?

Yes–in Iceland, you can go snowmobiling year round! Our icy glaciers stay covered with snow even during the warmest summer months. This makes it possible to enjoy activities that are typically winter activities in July or August. It is certainly a unique experience to enjoy a sunny summer’s day in south Iceland in the morning only to grab a handful of snow atop one of Iceland’s many glaciers in the afternoon.

Is it possible to go snowmobiling on a volcano-glacier?

Yes! One interesting fact about Iceland is that many of its glaciers actually sit atop volcanoes. Some of these volcanoes are still active, meaning that an eruption could occur. However, there is no need to worry. The Icelandic Meteorological Office closely monitors volcanic and seismic activity in Iceland. In addition, the Icelandic Civil Protection Agency coordinates emergency response efforts should any volcanic eruption occur. There are usually clear signs that a volcanic eruption is imminent. Tour companies are always aware of the conditions and only run snowmobiling tours when everything is safe and normal.

What should I bring on a snowmobiling tour in Iceland?

It gets cold on top of Iceland’s glaciers. Even though your tour operator will give you a water resistant snowsuit, you should always wear warm clothes underneath. A woolen base layer is always a good idea as well as wool socks. Layer up with a sweater and scarf as well as a warm jacket or coat. Your tour operator will always give you a helmet as well as special gloves.
If you plan to go snowmobiling in Iceland, don’t forget to bring your camera. On a clear day, views from the glacier are unlike anything you have ever seen. If you go snowmobiling on Langjökull, you will be able to see excellent views of Eiríksjökull, Hofsjökull and the Kerlingarfjöll mountains.

Can you snowmobile in Reykjavík?

Technically, you cannot snowmobile in Reykjavík. Though the city is surrounded by beautiful mountains which are sometimes snow-covered, almost all snowmobiling tours in Icelandic take place on glaciers. Even though it is not possible to snowmobile in Reykjavík, there are several glaciers that are only a 2 hour drive. In fact, there are several tour companies that offer snowmobiling tours with pick up directly from the city center.

Amazing Tours is one of those tour companies. Book their Snowmobile Adventure from Reykjavík and enjoy an epic day on Langjökull Glacier. Your guide can pick you up directly from Reykjavík, making it easy to enjoy a day in the countryside while being based in the city.

If you want to get the most out of your adventure, try a combo tour. Amazing Tours also offers a Golden Circle and Snowmobile Adventure from Reykjavík and a Glacier Snowmobiling and Ice Cave tour from Reykjavík. With these combo tours, you can experience two fun activities in one day.

Explore the Golden Circle or an ice cave and then snowmobile across Langjökull glacier. As you snowmobile, you will see beautiful views of Hofsjökull, Eiríksjökull and the Kerlingarfjöll mountains. After your tour, your guide will drop you back off in Reykjavík.

How much does it cost to go snowmobiling in Iceland?

Snowmobiling in Iceland costs anywhere from 41.000 ISK to 53.000 ISK. If you book a combo snowmobile tour from Reykjavík, you can expect to pay a bit more. Prices can always fluctuate but this is a good baseline.