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Choose your base camp (from where you wish your tour to begin), find a tour that you would like to join, choose date, how many persons (please note that rates are always per person except for private super truck tours, they are per vehicle) and proceed with payment. If you have questions or different request please contact our team at amazing@amazingtours.is 

For private super truck tours view here you can book directly online (please note to choose correct size for vehicle, rates are per vehicle not per person, doesn’t apply for extras). For other private inquiries please contact our team at amazing@amazingtours.is 

On snowmobile- and buggy tours we will hand you overalls, helmets’, balaclavas goggles, and gloves. This Equipment is all included in the price of the tour. You can rent winter boots on location or during booking process for 1000 ISK per person.

We do not include food on our tours, but our Snowmobile and Buggy tours all stop at Skjól Bistro you can buy lunch or dinner before or after your tour. There all our tour passengers can get 10% discount on food by showing their Amazingtours ticket.  Don’t you worry if you are traveling with us on other tours just ask your driver, we can always fit a stop in the schedule

It is not recommended for women who are pregnant participate in our tours. However, if women are fit, healthy and have doctors’ permission, they may participate at their own risk. Always let our staff/guides know about your condition.

We don’t exactly have a weight restriction but participants need to be able to fit in our winter overalls. The largest size we have is 4XL. For participants who require larges sizes it is advised to book single ride – solo ride (not double ride – where two persons share one vehicle) for safety reasons. Fitness level is specifically marked for each tour, the tours are listed at the level easy – moderate- challenging and anyone in average physical condition should be able to complete the tour without any trouble.

Dress according to the weather. Please wear/bring warm, comfortable clothing and waterproof outer layer, sturdy hiking boots, gloves and wool/fleece hat. Note jeans and sneakers are not recommended, good sturdy shoes are vital. Lunch and snacks can be bought during tour but are not included.

We welcome all families and friends on Buggy tours with us. Minimum age to participate is 6 years old and teenager cannot drive. Minimum age to drive (valid driver’s license are required) is 17 years old.

We welcome all families and friends at the glacier with us. Minimum age to participate is 8 years old and teenager can however not drive. Minimum age to drive (valid driver’s license are required) is 17 years old.

Our super trucks are not equipped with toilets, but you can always let our driver know that you must go, and he will stop at the closest restroom. If you are on a snowmobile and buggy tour with us, we have restrooms both at our Basecamp Skjól and in our Glacier Base that you can use. Unfortunately we can not offer any toilets during the actual activity (glacier or highlands).

Standard price includes snowmobile ride where two persons share one snowmobile – two persons on one snowmobile /buggy car. The persons sharing are travelling partners and know each other (friends, families). The rates are per person, meaning you must choose 2x double ride to ride one snowmobile/ buggy car during booking process. By choosing 1x double ride you are not booking 1x snowmobile.

If you are solo traveller / rider you must upgrade before the tour to a solo snowmobile. Please book “Single Ride” during the booking process

We have a 8 year old minimum age for snowmobile tours and 6 years for buggy tours. Children act as passengers and are not allowed to drive the vehicles.

You need to be amazing, have reached 18 years and have a valid driver’s license. No previous experience in driving snowmobile / buggy is required.

You are in luck; we do offer transfer for our Snowmobile and Ice Cave tours from Reykjavík to Skjól every day.  Please choose tour that departs from location that fits your plans.

If you are driving yourself to the meeting point at Skjól, you will drive through the scenic Golden Circe route. We are situated right between Gullfoss and Geysir, insert in google maps Amazing Basecamp Skjól. If, you are not renting car book tour which includes transfer from Reykjavík or request private transfer (only bookable through amazing@amazingtours.is).

You can reschedule for another day, change to different tour (pay extra and use the deposit to pay for the difference) or get the tour fully refunded.

Amazing Basecamp Skjól is located in Golden Circle area, between Geysir and Gullfoss Waterfall. It takes approximately 1,5 hours to drive from Reykjavík towards Skjól. You can find it on Google Maps as Amazing Basecamp Skjól or by GPS coordinates 64.31115048833497, -20.233925915567927.

An Ice cave is an old water passageway inside the glacier. The ice caves are accessible (when our team make it safe to enter) when it empties itself when temperatures go down below 0°C, no rain is expected for few weeks and snow is not blocking the entrance. The glacier is constantly on the move so when you are standing in the ice cave you can sometimes hear the ice creaking.