For those looking for a bit of ice in Iceland, a trip to Langjökull is a must. Langjökull (Long Glacier) is Iceland’s second largest glacier, coming in second to the mighty Vatnajökull. Still, the size of Langjökull is quite impressive as it spans 361 square miles (935 square kilometers). Situated in the west of Iceland, Langjökull can be seen on clear days from numerous viewpoints, such as the village of Húsafell. 

The glacier is a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, snowmobiling, ice-caving, skiing, and tours to the fascinating man-made ice cave, Into the Glacier. Given its proximity to Reykjavík, about 93 miles from the capital city, it’s an accessible destination in Iceland, whether by rental car or guided tours that depart from Reykjavík.

Can I drive to Langjökull

Travelers that are self-driving usually access Langjökull from Húsafell on Road 518 or make a detour on the Golden Circle route from Gullfoss. It’s easy to reach Langjökull by rental car during the summer months, but winter weather can be tricky, so if you are not accustomed to winter driving, a guided tour is the safest way to go. Amazing Tours runs several tours leaving from Reykjavik to experience several different activities on Langjökull. 

What tours are available on the glacier

Snowmobile Tours

Riding a snowmobile along pristine ice on Langjökull glacier feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. Amazing Tours offers an exhilarating ride on the snow and icy slopes, with blue skies and the stark whiteness of the snow. A modified monster truck transports you to base camp, where your adventure begins. A thrilling 1-hour ride allows you to glide on the glacier, zooming across the majestic white ice. If you are looking for an exciting activity that still allows you to enjoy the landscape, this is it!

Ice Cave Tours

New ice caves are formed and found every winter, and Amazing Tours’ guides are always on the hunt for an exciting cave to explore. There’s nothing quite like entering a natural ice cave, with the soft light of winter against the brilliant blue hues of the ice. It’s as if you’re immersed in a sea of crystals; it’s an otherworldly experience and one of the best activities to do during deep winter in Iceland.

Into the Glacier Ice Cave Tour

Into the Glacier offers tours to the world’s largest man-made ice cave on Langjökull. A super truck picks up visitors in Húsafell for a breathtaking journey across Langjökull to the tour company’s base camp, which takes 25 minutes. The cave itself is an engineering feat. If you want unbelievable views of the inside of a glacier and the chance to run your fingers along smooth ice walls, book this tour! LED lighting embedded in the walls illuminates the ice, and benches are scattered throughout the tunnel.

Safety information for Langjökull

It’s crucial that you don’t attempt to walk on the glacier without a professional tour guide. There can be sinkholes and crevasses hidden by the snow, and falling into the glacier can result in severe injury. Experienced guides are familiar with the surface, have all the necessary safety equipment and gear, and have undergone glacier training. There are numerous ways to explore Langjökull through tours, whether snowmobiling, hiking, or ice climbing, and guides will provide you with crampons, ice axes, and helmets. 

How to dress for Langjökull glacier activity

Dressing appropriately for activities on Langjökull is essential. For instance, sturdy waterproof boots, as are thermals and waterproof outer layers, are a must. It’s also recommended to wear warm socks, and bring a hat, scarf, and gloves, as the weather can change quickly on the glacier. You can always take layers off! Please note that jeans and sneakers are not recommended.

Attractions near Langjökull


Húsafell is a charming village surrounded by glaciers, ample hiking opportunities, and miles of barren lava fields. Most tourists stop to camp, visit beautiful waterfalls, and check out Langjökull glacier activities. Into the Glacier tours depart from Hotel Húsafell if you are meeting on-site.


Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfalls) is a series of waterfalls streaming over 2,950 ft out of a lava field. The lava flowed from an eruption from a volcano lying under Langjökull; it’s a unique waterfall in Iceland. The falls are beautiful to visit in any season, and rainbows are frequently seen near the falls on both rainy/sunny days.


About 1 mile west of Húsafell on Route 518, Barnafoss (Children’s Falls) is a stunning waterfall, wide with water rushing over a rocky landscape creating several cascades. It was named for children who disappeared from a nearby farm and drowned in the river, and lore has it that the mother of the disappeared children cursed the falls and that people should not cross the river.

Langjökull FAQ

What is the best time of the year to visit Langjökull Glacier?

Amazing Tours offers year-round tours to Langjökull. If you want to join a natural ice cave, please note that these tours are only offered in the winter. 

What kind of equipment or clothing should I bring for my visit to Langjökull Glacier?

It’s important to dress well for activities on Langjökull glacier. Wearing sturdy waterproof boots, thermals, and waterproof outer layers is recommended. The tour will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as crampons, ice axes, and helmets if ice walk and different equipment for snowmobile tours.

How can I reach Langjökull Glacier if I don’t have a car?

There are numerous tours available with a pick-up from Reykjavík. Please view Amazing Tours’ offerings on the website. 

Are there any safety concerns or precautions I should be aware of when visiting Langjökull Glacier?

Never walk on a glacier without a professional glacier guide. Some sinkholes and crevasses pose a danger. Glacier guides are trained to navigate groups on Langjökull safely.